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"Pamela this card has been a long time coming because I have struggled to find the words to thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me sane throughout this long and often painful process. You've kept me going with your belief, support and laughter and of course the acupuncture. Who would have thought that something so element could be so effective. I am now contented to be just a normal expectant mum rather than an IVF case (not that you ever made me feel like that). I'm finally at that blooming stage and feel great. Thank you so much Pamela, you've played a huge part in my long journey to get here. lots of love" - Jo

"Was lucky enough to get a booking with Lisa for a massage today at the last minute - really relaxing and calming. Will be back." - Kieran
"Thank you so much for my first visit. I was made to feel really welcome and relaxed. I would definitely recommend you (Lisa) to everyone I know, I will be back!!" - Vicky

"Having had problems conceiving after a miscarriage and an ectopic I decided to try out acupuncture. Having read the reviews about Pam I was convinced that it would be worth a try. From the minute I met Pam I knew I was in good hands and felt 100% relaxed and comfortable. I found her advice (and took those horrible herbs!!) and less than 3 weeeks later ..... a positive pregnancy test. I am really grateful to Pam, even in sukch a short space of time a little miracle! I will continue with treatment, it's so relaxing and un-winding. I cannot thank Pam enough. 100% recommendation." - Kim

"Had acupuncture combined with Chinese herbs and nutritional advice – it's changed my life and I feel fantastic! Thanks Pam." - Karen, London
"Fantastic! Really nice staff – relaxed atmosphere – recommended 5 stars!" - Eddie

"I am now in my 38th week of pregnancy. At 44 I had about six months of treatment with Pamela before getting pregnant without IVF. Pamela was a complete life saver and very, very supportive. We had initially thought that we would have IVF after six months of treatment but we didn’t need it in the end. We couldn’t have done any of this without Pamela. We are so grateful for her wisdom, kindness and never ending belief. She is so intuitive and I knew that putting my trust in her, my body and the universe was the right thing to do. If you are trying to conceive I can highly recommend Pamela, in fact I can’t believe anyone would even consider pregnancy without this support, IVF or otherwise." - R, Beckenham

"Had a course of 3 colonics and it's been fantastic! Learnt a lot about the colon, my diet and how to improve my wellbeing. Thank you very much, I'll come back again!" - Silke
"I'm here for my 3rd colonic and if it wasn't a costly hobby I'd be here every week! The people at the therapy room are very nice, so is the atmosphere and you feel understood and well looked after. Keep it up!" - Alessandra

"Would like to say thank you for giving me my normal life again! Colonic Irrigation is brilliant. I recommend it to everyone. It makes such a big difference in your day to day life. I feel just happy again!!!" - Rasa

"I would like to say thank you for being very kind, helpful and especially easing my nerves! This is my 3rd colonic, and I know I will be signing up for another course, as it leaves you with such a clean and light feeling. Keep up the great work, and continue making people feel at ease." - Hannah

"Had a course of 3 colonics. It's amazing what comes out of you, even with a decent diet. Pamela's a great therapist. Will be back." - Carol, London
"This is my 3rd colonic. I've had good results. The staff at the Therapy Rooms have been very helpful, and always friendly and polite. If you have another deal which makes these treatments more affordable I will certainly be back. Thank you!" - Sue

"I came to see Pam after 3 years of unsuccessful attempts at conception. we were on the cusp of having IVF and we wanted to give everything/anything 'a go' to avoid that process. Not only did I find Pam areassuring, knowledgeable and attentive, but she is positive and persuasive as we qucikly managed to draft my husband too. After three sessions for me and two for my husband we conceived!! I am now nine weeks pregnant and feeling balanced and confident with morning sickness under control thanks to some nifty needlework. I will be back at 36 weeks to prepare for my labour. Dearest Pam, we are in your debt - we can not thank you enough." - H & D

"Lisa thank you so much for the great service that you always provide and the encouraging words to me maintaining a healthy lifestyle." - Natalie
"Lisa thank you so much for the wonderful treatments I have had with you over the last 6 weeks, they have made a great difference and I feel very much better." - Mariella

"I have just finished a Liver cleanse with Pamela at The Beckenham Therapy Rooms and I feel fantastic! I actually feel lighter and brighter, am off coffee and painkillers now and have lost half a stone. I have more energy and would totally recommend this to everyone! You think about how much you spend on your car - Give your body an MOT and service. It feels amazing... " - Fee, Beckenham

"I've been a faithful client since January '09 – Reflexology, Pedicures and, recently, Acupuncture. Great treatments by professional, yet personable staff – they are fantastic! Thanks Paul, Melonie and Pam." - Michelle, Beckenham
"A lovely clinic – better than one I had been to previously. Very friendly staff. Will definitely come back." - Tara, Bromley

"Have been visiting Beckenham Therapy Rooms now for around 2 years, staff are really welcoming, friendly and approachable. I can definitely recommend coming here it is a relaxing environment. Have been seeing Lisa for regular colonic sessions - great value for money and look forward to each visit and its benefits. " - Caroline

"I have had numerous treatments from Lisa ranging from reflexology, massage and pregnancy massage. I always come back for more, Lisa is very kind, caring and professional in addition extremely knowledgeable. I cannot recommend here too high enough." - Sarah Jane

"I was diagnosed with IBS by my GP but after 3 colonics my bloating has gone and my bowel movements are much more regular." - Anna, Bromley, Kent
"I was really nervous beforehand but Pam put me at ease and afterwards I felt so much better. I would really recommend colonic irrigation to everyone!" - Stefan, London

"After 4 sessions my constipation and bloating have gone." - Keith, Croydon, Surrey

"I feel so light and clear-headed." - Veronica, Beckenham, Kent

"Pam was very professional and the clinic is so clean." - Melissa, Bromley, Kent

"Alla is an amazing colon hydrotherapist and is kind and extremely knowledgeable about her profession. Thank you Alla for putting me at my ease and being so caring." - Lucy
"I came here for sleep issues and Pam has opened a whole new world for me. She is an amazing woman, kind and helpful. I am a hard person to try and relax but with acupuncture I am getting there, it’s a real tool, I swear by it!" - Jane

"The treatment was great and left me feeling a lot better." - Kam

"Hi Pam I wanted to write and let you know that following the course of herbs you gave me last time we met I got pregnant almost straight away and gave birth to a baby girl in May. Thank you for all the help you gave me in having my two beautiful children and all your wise words of to. I am really glad you came into my life." - C

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