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Liver Detox

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More than ever before we need to have healthy livers to break down the chemicals that have crept into our environment. If you talk to radiologists and gastroenterologists who are looking at people's livers today they will tell you that the condition "Fatty Liver" affects more than 50% of people over the age of 50!

Common causes often include; incorrect diet, excessive alcohol intake, adverse reactions to drugs and toxic chemicals, and viral hepatitis. Excess weight is a symptom of liver dysfunction and not solely due to the number of calories you consume.

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What are the functions of the liver?

  • It is responsible for the production of bile which is stored in the gallbladder and released when required for the digestion of fats.
  • The liver stores glucose in the form of glycogen which is converted back to glucose again when needed for energy.
  • It also plays an important role in the metabolism of protein and fats. It stores the vitamins A, D, K, B12 and folate and synthesizes blood clotting factors.
  • Another important role is as a detoxifier, breaking down or transforming substances like ammonia, metabolic waste, drugs, alcohol and chemicals, so that they can be excreted.

Why combine a colonic with a liver detox?

By cleansing the colon with colonic irrigation all toxins that have built up in the colon are removed and the bowels can function properly again. This is important as it not only prevents toxins from a congested colon being reabsorbed into the bloodstream and being sent back to the liver for processing but allows for a route for all the toxins to come out.

Treatment Program:

Stage 1

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The first stage is to have 3 colonic irrigation treatments over a 10 day period. This will allow all of the toxins to be removed from the colon and so release pressure on the liver. During this time we also suggest that you take our Constifree supplement to aid the cleansing procedure by further removing any faecal matter that may have remained behind as well as probiotics to put back the body's natural bacteria removed by the colonics.

An organic coffee enema will be included in one of the 3 treatments. The caffeine in the coffee causes the liver ducts, including the bile ducts, to empty into the sigmoid colon, which makes room for more toxins from the body to enter the liver for detoxification.

During these 10 days we suggest that you do not eat any red meat, sugars and yeast products. Sugars and yeasts are instigators of Candida, which is an over production of yeast in the bowel and can cause symptoms like distension and bloating. Instead we recommend that you eat plenty of vegetables, rice and salad.

Stage 2

After the 3 colonics have been completed an herbal supplement that contains a number of ingredients that aid the detoxification and repair of the liver will be given. These capsules will last for 2 weeks.

During this time it is beneficial to carry on eating just vegetables, rice, and salad and drinking plenty of water (approx 2 litres). Red meat, sugar and yeast should still be avoided.

Price includes:

  • 3 Colonics
  • Organic coffee enema
  • All supplements (Constifree, probiotics, and liver cleanse capsules)

For maximum benefit the 3 colonics MUST be done within 10 days.

British Acupuncture Council Member Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture Member